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Google is being Evil. (maybe Roadrunner too)

A funny thing happened when I moved to my new colocation server. Well, not so much funny as disturbing and deceptive.

After changing the registered name servers for my domain, my browser began displaying a banner infested pseudo-search engine at an IP address I’ve never heard of.

And it looks like spyware isn’t the cause.

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  1. james james

    I experienced a similar problem today (4/6/06) my domain, stopped responding.. checking nslookup it was returning a new CNAME record I had never seen before.

    having friends check the domain from outside of verizon’s DNS (I’m on verizon FIOS) the address worked fine, and returned the proper IP it should. Contacting Verizon, they could not explain how this happened, but as a workaround gave me some new DNS server IPs that were not displaying the false CNAME.

    I’m still concerned as anyone on verizon still using the DNS servers I had originally (which is what their PPPoE server gives out) will be redirected to some lame search page.

    Anyway I’m curious if you ever found out how your domain got hijacked. I was not in the process of moving it when this happened, so I don’t think that is related, but who knows.

  2. Jon Jon

    I am experiencing this same issue, but this page is all the information I have found about this problem. I will continue to search.

  3. jason jason

    This morning they highjacked our MX record some how.
    We this email:

    Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2006 09:10:28

    Biztalk is and account on our domain and the other account is on a clients domain.

    I have not be able to find out much but the dnslookups still show the same IPs you have.
    Did you ever find a solution? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Jason

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