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Reset a Jaguar X-Type sunroof/moonroof to the closed position

The first day I had my Jaguar X-Type, I noticed the sunroof wouldn’t close completely. The glass panel would slide forward, but wouldn’t lift into the closed position without some manual adjustment. This is a common problem, and Jaguar has an easy fix that doesn’t require any technical or mechanical knowledge. Just follow the directions below to recalibrate your X-Type sunroof to the proper closed position.

  1. Press the sunroof switch forward to move the sliding roof panel into the tilted position.
  2. Release the sunroof switch.
  3. Press and hold the sunroof switch forward until the sliding roof panel moves slightly. This may take 30 seconds or more.
  4. Release the sunroof switch.
  5. Immediately press and hold the sunroof switch in the forward position. The sliding roof panel will move down and rearward to the open position, and then forward into the closed position. Do not release the sunroof switch until the sliding roof panel has stopped completely.
  6. Your sunroof panel should now be aligned.

Thanks to SpartanX at for this information.

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  1. james james

    Thanks I have been holding down that button and trying over and over to open or close the roof for months. I love my car but there are alot of quirky little problems that occur. Perhaps Jaguar should produce a quick fix card in the owners manual. I live in Asheville NC and in the summer it rains in an instant anytime day or night now I wont have to race to shelter. Sincerely James

  2. dan dan

    Wow! Thanks! I can’t believe I had already given-up after re-setting the computer and disassembling the switch-pod looking for the problem. The I came in and googled this informative item.
    Thanks for posting!

  3. Chris Chris

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’ve been driving around with a sunroof problem, for over a YEAR! My sunroof would operate, but the one-touch feature would not work, so I had to hold the button down the entire time AND it would not stop when the sunroof was closed, unless I removed my finger from the button… It would just reopen again. Your fix took all of 30 or so seconds and my sunroof is now working flawlessly. I’ve saved your fix, in my glove box, in the event of it happening again. Again, thank you so much!

  4. Ryan Ryan

    Hey thanks so much!!! I didn’t think it would work but it did. Cool keep on keepin on.

  5. Reggie T Reggie T

    DON’T BE FOOLED FOLKS!!! THIS GUY IS GREAT!!! IT WORKS! IT REALLY….WORKS! My baby jag (2004 X-Type five speed) sunroof is working again….Thank you very very much for this posting. My sunroof has been acting goofy for the past several months. It was driving me crazy just to align it to close. We just got through with a blizzard here on the east coast and they’re forecasting freezing rain for Christmas eve. My roof decided it was not going to close at all now. I was pissed! All I could do was jump on the Net to find a solution. I happened upon this page and decided to give it a try…AMAZING! now it closes automatically when I touch the buttons in either direction. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  6. Ron Ron

    Tried this fix. It worked and now the sunroof seems to be tightly closed – presumably no more leaking. However..and I hate when there is a ‘however’ the one touch mechanism doesnt work. Plus I can’t get it to stop in a given position i.e. closed. I have to re-do the instructions provided above. How do I break this cycle and get back to one-touch..and where it will stop in a desired position? Greatly appreciate the ‘next clue’!

  7. Dan Dan

    can I please say thank you so much!!! I’ve heard of this before but I never thought the stuck sunroof would happen to my 2002 x-type but it did because I accidentially shut off the car when the sunroof was closing and couldn’t fix it. I quickly googled the info and found this and literally in a few seconds it was fixed. Thanks sooo much!

  8. Tom Tom

    You Rock Dude!!! Thanks!!

  9. Ishut off my car before the sunroof was closed. I immediately turned the car back on and shut the roof. When I came back to leave the sunroof woul not open but it would tilt forward, then it would not shut . I have tryed your sequence but with no results . When I push the button forward the panel shifts immediately but when I push it towards the rear nothing happens. I have waited for a minute or so to see if the panel will move again when the button is pushed forward but nothing. any suggestions.

  10. Mike, you’re not supposed to push the button to the rear. You need to press the button forward again and hold it. The panel will move toward the rear on its own as part of the calibration sequence. Hope that helps.

  11. wizard wizard

    hola yo tengo un jaguar 2003 type y mi techo no se cierra completo intente como escribieron aqui pero el mio solo tiene un boton esta nevando donde vivo y me es urjente buscar ayuda todos me dicenn que lo tengo que desarmar y no quiero desarmarlo cuando intente lo de aqui el techo ya no se movia me podrian espesificar como hacerlo o que me recomiendan hacer o desirme una pagina donde me diga como haverlo se los agradeceria

  12. Collins Boateng Collins Boateng

    Outstanding information!!!! This works, the moment I tried it the sunroof began resetting itself, I just replaced a whole assembly due to broken components of the old sunroof and I didnt even have to wait 30seconds!!!

    PS It really works, thanks a bunch!!

  13. Ale Ale

    It worked like a charm!
    Thanks dude!

  14. Shorty's Fool Shorty's Fool

    Thanks, Darel. This worked for my ’03 Jaguar X-Type. Great work and keep it up!

  15. crazy PR crazy PR

    I almost paid $300 for a mechanic to set up or fix the sunroof, but thanks Darel it works for my Jaguar X-Type 2003.

  16. Barbara Barbara

    Hi Darel, I am ecstatic that my sunroof is working again. It has been almost two years since I’ve been able to use my sunroof because my husband was too cheap to put it in the repair shop. I finally decided to google the problem and found your quick fix. OMG! It took all but two minutes and working like it was new. I still love my 2004 Jaguar, especially the sunroof. Thanks so much for your help. It saved my husband a repair bill. Barb

  17. Ken Ken

    hi Darel will this work on a 2004 xj8?

  18. I don’t think it will work on any other model, but it wouldn’t hurt to try.

  19. Rebecca Rebecca

    Aaaaaaa! I’m Soo happy I’m shouting with joy! So excited. I just installed a new motor and switch panel. Still wasn’t working, found you and just like magic. I finally have a functioning sunroof! So grateful! Thanks for the info! 2006 x-type

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