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Plaid Reddit Widescreen Wallpaper Featuring Coat of Arms

Hello Reddit!  I’m feeling rather preppy today.  I think I’ll put on a crisp white shirt and some khakis and bask in the sun while my imaginary butler, serves me imaginary tea and biscuits.  To help spread my good cheer, I have created for you this plaid wallpaper embellished with the Reddit coat of arms (credit to Redditor licenseplate).

PC and Mac people unite!  This wallpaper will make a lovely addition to the computer desktop of your choice, regardless of your preference.  I also think it would make a lovely blanket, in case anyone wants to do some creative quilting.

I hope this wallpaper will be enjoyed by one and all, especially the preppier redditors (Predditors? Oh, no that doesn’t work at all).

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    This wallpaper rules. But, bro. How do I dizzownload this-ey hizzy eary wizzal pizaper??

  2. If you got here through Google Images, you might need to right click on the wallpaper, select “copy link location”, and paste the link directly into the address bar. You should be able to go directly to the wallpaper that way.

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